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Who are TPTB (“the powers that be”)? Most CTers (“conspiracy theorists”) use the term to denote the shadow world government, composed largely of Luciferian “old money” bankers, who fund and control virtually the whole world covertly but are pressing to control it overtly. But how does this relate to the Bible, and what else does the Bible say about our universe and the “end game” of humanity?

Know Your Enemy

First of all, “the powers that be” is the Middle English phrase translated from Romans 13:1b, and you can see its context and some analysis at What In The World. Basically, it refers to “the higher authorities and powers that exist”, in the form of earthly governments. In contrast, we see the spiritual forces of evil described in Ephesians 6:12— “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” This is the definition this document will use for TPTB.

The Bible describes a powerful adversary against mankind, known by various names: Satan (lit. “adversary”), the serpent, the dragon, Lucifer (lit. “morning star”), Apollyon or Abaddon (lit. “destroyer”), the devil (lit. “false accuser”), and others as listed at Bible Study Games . He also has servants known as demons, who are the hybrid angel/human offspring as the result of the fallen angels (aka “watchers”) rebelling against God by corrupting the human genome; see Genesis 6:1-4. The Nephilim (“giants”) were their children, but after their mortal flesh died, their evil spirits remained on earth as what we call demons, or other names in various languages. So the demons are not the fallen angels themselves, but their hybrid offspring.

It is logical to conclude from this that the ancient myths of gods and chimeras arose from this genetic experimentation by the fallen angels. These angels, and later their giant offspring, are not described in detail in the Bible itself, but more so in the books of Enoch and Jasher. And such descriptions establish a very plausible foundation for the later myths and legends, as well as many foul and wicked religions. And though the Bible doesn’t say exactly where “the powers of this dark world” originated, it’s likely that they are either the demons or the fallen angels, or both (though at least some fallen angels have been imprisoned in Tartarus since before the Flood; see Jude vs. 6).

TPTB are thus more than just the humans who serve the forces of evil; they are also the powerful spiritual entities keeping the world enslaved. But there is a growing belief that it is not they but God Himself who has enslaved us here, in what some call a real “Truman Show“, only instead of humans running the simulation/experiment, it’s the God of the Bible (curiously, nobody thinks it might be the god of some other religion). Yet if it’s really TPTB rather than God running the world, where is God?

How Did This Happen?

The Bible tells us the origin of creation, how it was ruined, how it was redeemed, and how it will end. It was never meant to be an exhaustive history of the whole world, but only to explain the most important points. And since Jesus was and is the absolute focal point of it all, then only what led to Jesus was recorded. That is why most of the Bible is about the descendants of Abraham through Isaac and Jacob/Israel, since Jesus came from that line. But it does tell us the essentials of our current reality.

God created everything, but he created the angels before man. Yet man was the only creature described by God as being made in his likeness. It is unknown at what point the highest angel Lucifer turned against God, but we are told the reason: he wanted God’s job. So he and 1/3 of the angels rebelled and were “fallen”. And after Adam and Eve were made, God gave them and their descendants jurisdiction over the whole world. Then the serpent (undoubtedly operated by or for Lucifer/Satan) tricked Eve into doing what God said not to do. But Adam, who witnessed the trickery, sinned with his eyes wide open. And when God confronted him, he blamed God for making Eve, and said nothing about the serpent. Thus he was expelled from the Garden of Eden, and Eve chose to go with him. This act of rebellion essentially handed jurisdiction of the world to Satan.

So there it is; the world has belonged to Satan ever since, and we were all born in his kingdom or realm. That is why the world is so cursed and evil. But why should their descendants suffer for what Adam and Eve did? Think of it this way: We are all born into a particular spot in the world, some into the lap of luxury, others into a mediocre but pleasant life, others into abject poverty, and others into horrific suffering and death. Who gets the blame or credit for where we were born? Nobody. But people either benefit or suffer for where they were born.

In the same way, we were all born into a realm of tragedy and suffering, run by a psychotic and powerful being and its servants. God could, if he so chose, have simply left us to our fate… but he chose otherwise. Without getting into the details of how Jesus redeemed us all, suffice it to say that we can each choose whether to remain citizens of Satan’s realm or become citizens of God’s realm. We should also be surprised that anything good happens here at all. And because it does, and much more often than we should expect, it proves that Satan’s realm is more like a lease with an expiration date. This will not go on forever; God will reclaim the world.

Prepare Yourself

But the Truman Show believers will be God’s enemies, seeing him as the sadistic game controller, when in fact it’s been Satan all this time. Others have adopted the belief that there is a whole civilization of alien beings, some good and some bad, who are going to have a final showdown. Still others believe these beings are only bad, and they will mistake God/Jesus for some advanced harvester as has been the theme of several science fiction films. How would anyone know the truth about such things? On what basis would they discern good from evil? And why isn’t the Bible’s account of all this at least as believable as the stories about gray aliens or Anunnaki or the like?

The Bible speaks of a time to come when Satan is thrown into The Abyss for a thousand years, “so that he can no longer deceive the nations” (Rev. 20:1-3). Ergo, for the present he is deceiving the nations. Deception has been his calling card from the beginning of human history. This may be an answer to the question, “Why do TPTB seem to tell us the truth sometimes or in various encoded ways?” A half-truth is more deceptive than an outright lie, just as a covert war is more effective than a direct, open, frontal assault. It blurs our vision; it makes us doubt our own judgment. Then when the time comes to spring the trap, we will not see it coming or know when it will happen.

Nobody can prove their beliefs over others’, but all agree that this life is some kind of test or cage. But whatever you believe will determine how you interpret everything else, and if your core belief turns out to be wrong, then many conclusions you reach on that basis will also be wrong. But this hardly means we can’t have personal convictions and defend them vigorously. Instead, it means that we should choose those convictions very carefully.

Did TPTB Write the Bible?

Many believe that the reason the Bible seems to predict things is because it’s really a script written by TPTB. But upon closer inspection, the Bible hardly seems like the sort of book such entities would write. It condemns those who deceive, murder, and pervert, so it wasn’t written by bad people. It also claims to be filled with prophecies directly from God, so it wasn’t written by good people, since good people wouldn’t tell such lies. And it wasn’t written as pro-Israeli propaganda since the Jews are routinely portrayed as faithless, rebellious, stubborn, and even stupid. In the New Testament, Jesus’ disciples are sometimes portrayed as faithless, stubborn, cowardly, and dense, and women are often portrayed as the opposites of all those poor characteristics. So if the Bible is propaganda, it is of the poorest quality since it failed miserably to achieve its goals.


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