Satanism, Jesuits, Freemasonry, and the Illuminati

Most of the time, if one wishes to research an organization or group, one should go directly to those people for information on what they believe and practice. But when the group under study is inherently deceptive and secretive, such an approach is futile. Even if the researcher is part of such a group on a relatively low level, they can never be sure they truly understand the organization of which they are a part. Nevertheless, those who truly hold power in the organization are easily identified as the ones who cannot be criticized, and who can punish or expel you from the group.

The best that can be done, then, is to look at events and actions, then use these as clues to the nature of the “hidden hand” operating the “puppet”. The names of either the organizations or their members are relatively unimportant, as such labels would not be used by anyone of significant power and would likely be as much a deception as anything else. They would enjoy nothing more than to toy with investigators as one might make a cat chase a laser light, by giving out cryptic clues and enticing hints, which people chase endlessly without gaining anything of value.

There are thousands of articles, hundreds of websites, and dozens of books attempting to “chase the laser light”, and this article makes no attempt to duplicate such efforts. Rather, the reader is encouraged to look beyond the distractions and ask pertinent questions: What patterns am I seeing? Whose ideology cannot be questioned? What direction is the general character of society going? And who benefits from these things?

While many do not believe there is a being commonly called Satan or the Devil or Lucifer, world history certainly begs the question of multi-generational evil plans. Why, for instance, would a powerful family see to it that goals requiring many lifetimes be achieved? This is not the general wish of most decent people to try and make life better for future generations, but rather a very exclusive desire to keep one particular family or clan in power at any cost, specifically to dominate the entire world, many generations in the future. It would thus seem logical to deduce that there is an ancient entity beyond flesh and blood, one that sees power held by another such entity as something to be taken by force or trickery. It is an insane obsession spanning thousands of years, by a malevolent, ancient, non-mortal being.

Regardless of the particular “puppets” this “hand” operates, what matters is the hand. So of what use is it to study and analyze the puppets? What will be gained? Talk to the hand.

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The Black Pope


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