Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook – No Children Died and No One Got Hurt – Don’t Live in Fear

Sandy Hook has become synonymous with fakery.   Why did they fake Sandy Hook?  It was about fear.  People that are afraid are easy to control.

Here are a few of my top reasons why Sandy Hook was 100% fake:

  1. No children.  There were approximately 456 children at the Sandy Hook Elementary School but there is not a single picture or video of the inevitable chaos of 456 children being evacuated or fleeing from the school.  This included the police car dashcams, who were first on the scene, which showed no children leaving the school.  That’s impossible.
  2. No video footage of the shooting.  There is not a single photograph or video evidence of the shooting inside or outside of the school.  In today’s environment, the entrance, hallways, etc. would have all had camera surveillance.
  3. No attempt at saving the children.  As a matter of protecting themselves from lawsuits and just as a matter of human decency, every single child would have received immediate medical assistance and been rushed to the hospital.   I’m going to be graphic here but even if the child’s brains were dripping from his head, that child would’ve been taken to the hospital in the 1% chance of saving his life.  In this case, all of the deceased were declared dead at the scene.
  4. The impossible killed to injured ratio.  Officially – 28 dead and 2 injured.  That killed to injured ratio never happens in real life.  Just look at shooting statistics and you will see that usually three times as many people are injured than die from gunshots and that’s the same statistic for war.  In this case the shooter was a 20-year old kid, not a marksman or a military professional.  Add in the noise from the firing of 155 rounds in an enclosed building without hearing protection, with the chaos, screaming, running, etc.  The Photoshop character known as Adama Lanza could not have pulled this off.
  5. The ridiculous behavior of primary participants.  Robbie Parker, who just supposedly lost his beautiful daughter in a horrific tragedy, laughs on camera and then huffs and puffs and puts on a clear fake show of grief.  It’s ridiculous to think that a father would have even had a press conference within hours of such a tragedy let alone to be laughing and then putting on the grief show.   It wouldn’t happen.  Add in the many parents, the strange coroner, etc. and the truth is apparent.
  6. No lawsuits.  Within a week of Sandy Hook, the city, the school district, the police department, rescue services, the security office, psychiatrists, doctors, etc. would have all faced a flood of litigation from the parents.  We’re talking about all of the angry and hurt parents walking away from hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars.  Imagine you were one of the parents.  The police declared your child dead without rushing him or her to the hospital – no ambulances and no rescue efforts whatsoever in violation of every policy on the subject.  This is just one of a dozen reasonable litigation claims that the families had against multiple parties.

Top Ten Reasons: Sandy Hook Was an Elaborate Hoax

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