Moon Landing Hoax

Seriously, does the above tinfoil-wrapped contraption, which was never actually flown on earth despite all of the crashes of the simpler training vehicles, look like an advanced spaceship capable of falling at 4,000 mph, could land on the moon on treacherous unknown terrain, could miraculously support life for three days for two astronauts in the harshest environment, included enough room to carry a fold-up dune buggy, and could blast off of the moon and achieve speeds of 4,000 mph as it rendezvoused with the command module that had been orbiting the moon for three days?  Or, does it look like a movie prop to put on a fake phony show?  It has been 45 years since man was on the moon and people still believe in the patent nonsense of the Apollo missions.


For many, the fake moon landings constitute one of the hardest facts to accept due to emotional ties. If you believe NASA landed on the moon, it’s time for you to question your indoctrination – the American moon landings were 100% FAKE – the government (and every other government), along with its media and academia sold you a BIG f****** lie and you believed it.

I’m truly sorry if it injures your cherished beliefs but don’t fret too much as we all believed it at one time. It’s normal to assume that your government loves you and is the repository of truth. It’s normal to assume that astronomers, engineers, and physics majors at universities, etc. would have had enough independently-minded brains to come out and uncover the fraud. It’s normal to assume that CNN and the media would have had a big breaking stories about the fake moon landings. Unfortunately, your assumptions were entirely wrong.

Normally, I leave open the possibility of human error and avoid absolute certainties but with respect to the moon landings, we are 100% positive that the moon landings were all fake and it’s time the rest of the world knew. It’s not difficult to prove the fakery as you only need a critical mind and common sense.

Yes, we have all heard the “debunking” claims that the conspiracy would have had to have been too big to conceal it, that the moon landings were monitored by Ham radio operators, we can bounce lasers off of the moon, or we have pictures of the landing sites. I’m here to tell you that these so-called proofs are utter nonsense.

Human beings must become more than mere parrots of official stories. You owe it to yourself to read through these proofs and to do your own research. Even the media is starting to recognize that the moon landings were faked. However, once you come to the realization that the moon landings were faked, there are a few inescapable conclusions you must reach:

  • NASA has perpetrated a tremendous fraud on the world and cannot be trusted; all NASA missions should be presumed fraudulent unless proven otherwise with overwhelming evidence
  • There will not be a Mars landing anytime soon and it’s right to assume that there’s no rover on Mars at this time
  • All first and second world countries failed to reveal the big lie and are controlled in some manner; all other lunar landings by China, Japan, Russia, etc. are also likely fraudulent
  • There was no big space race between the Americans and the Russians – it was fake
  • The media cannot be trusted as they only repeat the patent lies of NASA
  • Big universities, professors, astrophysicists, engineers, etc. all failed to uncover the OBVIOUSLY faked moon landings; they’re either controlled directly or indirectly through conformity
  • Space X has failed to reveal the fake moon landings and speaks of a Mars mission; Space X is also likely fraudulent

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PROOF 1 – The Lunar Lander

A ridiculous papier-mâché Lunar Lander complete with black paper, tape, gold aluminum foil, and curtain rods, that:

(i) achieved speeds up to 4,000 mph on descent and ascent;

(ii) was NEVER tested or flown on earth;

(iii) had an inexplicable ability to maintain life support (with ample room) for several days (the Apollo 17 astronauts were supposedly on the moon for 3 days, 2 hours, 59 minutes and 40 seconds);

(iv) could absorb substantial amounts of dust inside the pressurized cabin without a problem (the two Apollo 17 astronauts re-entered the Lunar Lander on three occasions after even driving a dune buggy around the surface);

(v) remarkably lacked all traces of dust on the landing pads;

(vi) had enough room to hitch on a fold-up dune buggy on later flights along with extra 1960’s batteries and tires;

(vii) the ascent engine had NEVER been tested – not even turned on to see if it works;

(viii) included one miraculous air conditioning system in the harshest environment imaginable [the temperature on the moon varies from -387 Fahrenheit (-233 Celsius), at night, to 253 Fahrenheit (123 Celsius) during the day];

(ix) the astronauts were able to land this contraption with ZERO practice in a similar machine and without visibility; and

(x) despite the repeated crashes of the far simpler lunar training vehicles in optimal conditions, NASA risked the huge possibility that the astronauts would accidentally land on a big rock (look how far off the ground the rocket nozzle is) or crater and cause the Lunar Lander to crumble on impact.

PROOF 2 – No Blast Crater

There’s absolutely no blast crater or scorching caused from the Lunar Lander’s 10,000 lb. thruster.  Look how close the nozzle is to the alleged lunar surface in this Apollo 14 photograph.  The soil is undisturbed and the best response the NASA apologists have to offer is the ridiculous claim that astronauts just let the lander drop the last few meters as they landed belying all common sense of how to safely land a vehicle.

PROOF 3 – No Protection from the Supposed Dangers of Space

The craft, the Apollo suits, craft, and cameras had no protection from radiation, micrometeorites, and the other elements on the moon and in space including immediate temperature fluctuations of 540 degrees Fahrenheit while in and out of the shade.

PROOF 4 – Photo Fakery Series

A VERY long series of photo fakery and patent proofs of photo editing, staged photographs, extra lighting, impossible shadow angles, etc. and  For example, here’s the the Michael Collins faked spacewalk photo that was included in Collins’ book.

For many examples, far too many to share here, review the photo analyses of Jack White:

PROOF 5 – Wires

There are many examples of astronauts suspended by wires.  Also, pay attention to the ridiculous movie back drops.

PROOF 6 – Slow Motion?  Why Not Fast Motion?

Everything appeared to be in slow motion on the moon; in contrast, everything should have moved much quicker with no interference from an atmosphere.

PROOF 7 – 1960s Movie Technology

Obvious use of 1960s movie technology, i.e., artificial backdrops (visible 3M Scotchlite glass screen) with visible lines.

Do you see the carpet layer separating the foreground from the backdrop?  For more information see Jay Weidner’s discussion on how the filming technique known as “front screen projection” was used to fake the moon landings.

PROOF 8 – Thousands of Studio Quality Photos

There are literally thousands of beautiful studio qualify photos even though the alleged astronauts had no ability to manually adjust aperture, use the viewfinder, etc. and had no secondary light sources.

PROOF 9 – No Picture of the Stars

No picture of the stars – ever, even when the astronauts were supposedly orbiting on the dark side of the moon and using long exposure times.  For example, during Apollo 17, one of the astronauts (Ronald Evans) was by himself orbiting the moon for three days (total of six days and four hours) and has never shared a photograph of what he saw.

PROOF 10 – Secondary Light Sources

Ample proof of secondary light sources and major shadow discrepancies, including a 130 degrees shadow direction shift over a small area that is clearly not perspective.

PROOF 11 – The Lunar Rover, Why?

The ridiculous Lunar Rover – do you really believe NASA would have risked attaching a dune buggy on the Lunar Lander or the possibility that the buggy would break down far away from the Lander or cause a part to shake loose on one of the astronaut’s suit due to the rover hitting a rock or crashing (think about the risk of this with the total lack of a scientific purpose)? Dune buggies break down in known and favorable conditions. A bulky helmet, no neck movement, with pressurized globes, unfamiliar and poor lighting, rocks, cliffs, and craters everywhere that are all the same color as the surface. One simple broken suit, an astronaut’s death, and NASA personnel would have gone to jail for recklessness and NASA’s funding would have disappeared over night. The Lunar Rover was insane and would not have happened.

PROOF 12 – Faking the Earth with a Circular Window

Using circular windows to fake an unremarkable image of the earth, with a cloud that spans the entire diameter of the earth.

PROOF 13 – No One Goes Beyond Low-Earth Orbit

No one has allegedly been beyond 400 miles above the earth for 45 years (last time on the moon was December 14, 1972) and yet were able to do it easily in 1969 and travel a minimum of 234,000 miles to the moon.

PROOF 14 – No Noise from a 10,000 lb. Thruster

The astronauts sat on top of a 10,000 lb. thruster but noise was not an issue in the recordings.

PROOF 15 – The Disappearing Lunar Lander

A disappearing Lunar Lander on the moon in the photos and repeated use of similar mountain backdrops in what should have been different areas.

PROOF 16 – The Strange Tracks of the Lunar Rover

Strange and nonexistent tracks of the Lunar Rover.

PROOF 17 – The Giant Light Bulb

The sun appears to be a giant light bulb.

PROOF 18 – Patriotic Symbols Always Perfect

American patriotic symbols – always perfect in the photographs.

PROOF 19 – The Impossible Footprints

We all remember the remarkable and iconic boot prints; however, the footprints were impossibly made with no moisture.  Test it yourself in the dry sand.





PROOF 20 – The Ascension Stage – Laughable!

The film of the ascension stage of the Lunar Lander – laughable footage supposedly filmed by the Lunar Rover which ridiculously zoomed out and panned up keeping up with the ascent stage in real time (of course NASA claims it did it by remote 234,000 miles away).  Then the Lunar Rover magically beamed all of the color video footage back to earth – and we didn’t even have decent television remotes at that time.


PROOF 21 – The Track System

NASA had the models and track system to fake the Command Module orbiting the moon.  In other words, NASA had the equipment and the know-how to fake the moon landings.


PROOF 22 – The American Flag in the Breeze

The billowing American flag – oops.

PROOF 23 – No Extraordinary Feats on the Moon

The 200 yard touchdown pass – wait how come we didn’t see that or other great feats?  The astronauts would have shown off tremendous capabilities.

PROOF 24 – The Van Allen Radiation Belts

Van Allen Radiation Belts and other alleged severe cosmic radiation that supposedly prevents travel beyond low-earth orbit.

PROOF 25 – The First Press Conference

Just look at the faces of these supposed astronauts, they are obviously lying.  These are not men who achieved the most historic, spectacular, and brave feats of mankind.

PROOF 26 – 2001:  A Space Odyssey

The video footage of the docking Lunar Lander appears eerily similar and fake as Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey.”

PROOF 27 – Discrepancies in the Stars Testimonies

The discrepancies of the moonwalkers, did they see stars or not?

During the Apollo 11 Post-Flight Press Conference, Neil Armstrong said that they were not able to see the stars with the naked eye from the surface of the moon (“We were never able to see stars from the lunar surface or on the daylight side of the moon …”).  Michael Collins responded and said, “I don’t remember seeing any.”  Remember, Michael Collins was allegedly in the command module in lunar orbit and not on the moon’s surface.  Oddly, in the Apollo 11 Press Conference transcript, Collins’ statement was attributed to Buzz Aldrin, perhaps in an attempt to cover for his slip up?

Michael Collins wrote on page 221 of Carrying the Fire: “My God, the stars are everywhere: above me on all sides, even below me somewhat, down there next to that obscure horizon. The stars are bright and they are steady. Of course I know that a star’s twinkle is created by the atmosphere, and I have seen twinkle-less stars before in a planetarium, but this is different, this is no simulation, this is the best view of the universe that a human ever had.”

Dr Edgar Mitchell, officially the sixth man to walk on the Moon on Apollo expounded to the large audience about how his life had been transformed by the voyage to the Moon on Apollo 14. Edgar explained that as the vehicle revolved to allow solar cooling: he was astounded by the alternating view of the Sun, the Earth and above all the incredible ‘heavenly’ view of the stars. Dr Mitchell explained that the stars were ‘magnificent’, and described them as being ‘ten times brighter’ than when observed from Earth.  In fact he credited this vista with changing his life, as the euphoric effect led him to engage in the pursuit of, among other things, Eastern philosophic studies.

PROOF 28 – ISS Astronaut Said that NASA Cannot Go to the Moon

An ISS astronaut said that NASA cannot go beyond Earth’s orbit;

PROOF 29 – Perfect Technology that No Longer Exists

The technology in the 1960s performed perfectly but cannot be matched today – 45 years later since it was last used.  No one has even attempted to match the technology and some attempts have ended in utter failure.  In fact, this is what would have happened to the actual Lunar Lander.

PROOF 30 – The Landing Site Photos are Garbage

The “spectacular” photos of the landing sites on the moon … wait a second they are awful and show nothing.  Excellent landing site photos are nonexistent and would be photographed repeatedly with lunar probes, Hubble, etc. if they were real.

PROOF 31 – Loss of the Footage, Diagrams, Etc.

NASA supposedly lost much of the footage, diagrams, etc.  The alleged most important achievement of mankind and no one took care to make certain that everything associated with the moon missions remained intact.

PROOF 32 – The RC Model

The Lunar Rover appeared to be nothing more than a radio controlled dune buggy.

PROOF 33 – The Petrified Wood Moon Rock

The moon rock that became petrified wood.  Sorry, but that just doesn’t happen by accident.

PROOF 34 – Stage Hand on the Moon

Third party stage hands appearing on video when there should only be two astronauts.

PROOF 35 – Inadequate Space for 12 Days of Travel

Have you taken a long international flight?  Could you imagine a fifteen hour flight where you were not allowed to stand up and stretch?  How about 12 days of flight?  That would kill a normal person and would be torture.  The inadequate space and impossibility for three astronauts to live for approximately 12 days in space in a tiny craft while stuck only in a sitting position.

PROOF 36 – Wrong Colored Soil

The gray color of the soil on the moon is the wrong color.

PROOF 37 – No Time Delay

Impossibly quick answers between those supposedly on the moon and NASA (timing delay off).

PROOF 38 – Earth is Too Small

The earth is pictured too small from the moon (the earth would be 4x the diameter of the moon).

PROOF 39 – Unreasonable Jumps In Technology over 11 Years

The unreasonable jump to landing on the moon and alleged jumps in technology in a span of only 11 years.

PROOF 40 – Not Enough Fuel

The Command Module did not have enough fuel to make it to the moon and back since the gravitational pull of the earth allegedly extends all the way to the moon.

PROOF 41 – Suits Weren’t Pressurized

The Apollo astronauts’ suits were clearly not pressurized – they should have looked like the Michelin Man; also, one of the astronauts appears to even have a bare hand during one video segment.

PROOF 42 – Mismatching Minerals

The minerals kicked up by the European Space Agency’s SMART-1 probe were mistakenly different than the Apollo rocks.

PROOF 43 – The Lunar Lander Testing Vehicles Crashed

60% of the much simpler Lunar Lander testing vehicles crashed (supposedly used by the astronauts to prepare for actually landing the real Lunar Lander) – do you think Armstrong would have been ready to fly an untested and never flown Lunar Lander on the moon after this?

PROOF 44 – Von Braun Said it Would Be Impossible

Von Braun said in his book ‘”Conquest To The Moon” (published in 1953) that it would be impossible to send anyone to the moon because of the sheer size of craft needed to do the trip; taking Von Braun’s calculations into consideration, a spaceship that needed to travel that distance would have had to be 266 times bigger than the Saturn 5.

PROOF 45 – The Broken Strut

The broken strut on the Lunar Lander from Apollo 11 (AS11-40-5920).

PROOF 46 – Portland Cement

The lunar soil in the Apollo pictures appears to be nothing more than Portland cement.


PROOF 47 – Sounds on the Moon

You cannot hear sound in a vacuum and yet sounds were clearly recorded on video while the astronauts were allegedly working on the moon:

PROOF 48 – Third Person Stage Hand Again

A third person is seen outside the command module which is supposed to be in space (

PROOF 49 – NASA Orion Admission – Cannot Travel Beyond Val Allen

NASA has now admitted that the Van Allen Radiation Belts (“an area of dangerous radiation”), prevent human travel: “Radiation like this can harm the guidance systems, onboard computers, or other electronics on Orion . . . Naturally, we have to pass through this dangerous zone [Van Allen Radiation Belts] twice – once up and once back . . . Sensors aboard will record radiation levels for scientists to study. We must solve these challenges before we put people through this region of space.”

PROOF 50 – Parallax Testing Proves Photos Were Fake

Parallax testing proves the moon landing photographs were fake (see and

Conclusion of the parallax study by Dr. Oleg Oleynik:

“The Apollo 15 photographic record contradicts the stereoscopic parallax verification method. The apparent change in the relative positions of objects by moving the camera when the camera angles are separated by several tens of cms show that:

  • the distance to distant objects such as mountains is not tens of kilometres but is no more
    than a few hundred metres;
  • the landscape is not continuous, but with clear lines of separation;
  • there is movement between nearby sections of the panorama relative to other sections.

Thus, based on the above examples, this study concludes that the Apollo 15 photographic record does NOT depict real lunarscapes with distant backgrounds located more than a kilometre away from the camera.

These pictures were, without doubt, taken in a studio set – up to 300 metres in size. A complex panorama mimicking the lunarscape shows degrees of movement, such as horizontal and vertical changes to give an impression of imaginary distance to the objects and perspective.”

changes to give an impression of imaginary distance to the objects and perspective.”

PROOF 51 – No Heat from Capsule Reentry

YouTuber ThePottersClay made an excellent point.  The Command Module, after spending up to 12 days at space, upon reentry at earth, supposedly reached temperatures of 2,700 degrees Fahrenheit.  What’s the problem?  When the Command Module splashed down into the ocean, there was zero steam.

PROOF 52 – No Aerodynamics for Capsule Reentry

Building on the last point about the Command Module not generating steam as it plummeted into the ocean, the Command Module allegedly fell towards the earth with the flat side pointed towards the surface.  At a whopping 24,791 mph, lacking all aerodynamics with the flat side pointed towards the surface, the capsule would have spun out of control and ended upside down.

PROOF 53 – Fake Earth

There are many of these photographs that evince that the earth was inserted into the photographs.  NASA has been re-editing the photos to remove the square boxes.  Fortunately, too many people have already recorded their findings.

PROOF 54 – Spilled Orange Juice

During the Apollo mission, orange juice supposedly spilled from the space suits onto the film ruining several photographs.  If orange juice could leak from the suit, then air could leak and the astronaut would most certainly would have died horrifically.  By the way, the word “orange” is famous for equaling 33 in numerology – 33 is the top level of Freemasonry.

PROOF 55 – Incorrect View of the Earth from the Moon

As detailed earlier, there’s ample evidence showing that the earth was pasted into the photographs with 1960s technology.  ThePottersClay also pointed out in the following video that because the earth would always be tangent to the moon, the moon could never dip towards the horizon from any view from the surface.

PROOF 56 – Shadows on Lunar Sky

Peculiar and impossible shadows that appear on the lunar sky.

PROOF 57 – No Pictures of the Command Module Orbiting the Moon

The Command Module supposedly orbited the moon dozens of times over a period of 6 days (Apollo 17) and there’s not a single video or photograph of the Command Module from earth even though the Command Module would have been lit up like a bright star.  On the other hand, dark moon craters, allegedly the the size of only 1 km diameter, are visible by telescope.

PROOF 58 – Total Lack of Good Evidence Supporting the Moon Landings

It has been 45 years since man was allegedly last on the moon (December 14, 1972).  Based on that one fact alone, any reasonable person should suspect whether the moon landings were faked because that just doesn’t happen.  Like the Chinese, the Japanese, the Russians, the Europeans, SpaceX, et al. wouldn’t have the desire to be the first ones with a lunar base or simply to match the Americans my conducting their own moon landings.  If the technology was good enough in the 60s, certainly, such a feat would be many times easier.

In addition to all of the clear proofs of fakery, the best alleged “proofs” that NASA made it to the moon are a joke.  First, the moon reflectors aren’t proof of anything as moon bouncing occurred long before the reflectors, which would actually be covered in dust by now anyways.  Second, the landing site photos are a laughable and PhotoShop joke.  That’s the best science has to offer?  Third, the testimonies of astronauts are varying and peculiar and don’t match other people who carried out great feats.  Fourth, the moon rocks, which are largely unaccounted for, can be found on earth and sometimes turn into petrified wood.  Fifth, the moon/hammer experiment could have easily been faked with wires and would have been impossible with the pressurized suit to hold the feather with finger tips.  Sixth, the ham radio operators did not know where the transmissions came from assuming they weren’t paid propagandists.  Is this really the best NASA could think of to prove such a historic event over 45 years?

For more research, see the following websites:

For research purposes, here’s a good collection of NASA Apollo photos:

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