Holocaust and Other War Propaganda

The Holocaust Con

To be clear, I believe many Jews died during WWII at the hands of Nazi German and this should forever be remembered as a heinous crime against humanity.  Even though Germany arguably faced war and insurrection from within, no people should be locked up without due process and the thousands of deaths in the work camps were on the heads of Nazi Germany and its leaders.  Being an anarchist, Nazi Germany’s actions were wrong and evinced the dangers of the state.

However, the evidence shows that there was no extermination order, i.e., no Holocaust.  Although thousands of Jews wrongfully died from typhus and starvation, primarily caused by the Allies’ bombing of supply lines, the Holocaust was nothing more than a gross exaggeration first conjured up by Stalin.  There were no gas chambers – they were delousing and storage facilities.  Not a single Jew died in a gas chamber let alone six million Jews.  I believe the Holocaust myth was created to cover up the far worse crimes of the Allies during WWII (e.g., the fire bombings of Dresden and Tokyo) and subsequently used by international Jewry as a method of control and as a means for Jews to always play “victim” as they bomb neighboring Muslim countries to ruin.

The Holocaust must be removed as a historical fact and relegated to one of the biggest of the many colossal lies perpetrated primarily by the U.S. government.

For research, I recommend the website www.codoh.com



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