The Vacuum of Space Against the Atmosphere

Exhibit 7 – The Vacuum of Space Against the Atmosphere

According to the official model, the vacuum of space surrounds our atmosphere and yet our atmosphere isn’t sucked out into this enormous vacuum.  What holds the atmosphere in place?  Supposedly, gravity is the answer but our common sense says that gravity generated by the mass far below, which should have very little effect on the low-mass atmosphere, could not counteract the more powerful force resulting from the immeasurably immense vacuum of space.

Further, if gravity causes the atmosphere to be figuratively Velcroed to the Earth’s surface, how does gas ever flow upward from the surface and escape the stronger force of gravity closer to the surface?  One must also ask why the Moon’s claimed gravitational pull has no effect on the Earth’s atmosphere but still causes the tides.  Global theorists counter that the mass of the atmosphere is so little that the Moon wouldn’t have an effect on it; but if that’s the case, how does the gravitational pull of the Earth counteract the powerful vacuum of space if gravity has so little effect?

Nature abhors a vacuum (horror vacui) and any pressure seeks to equalize with its surroundings and mainstream science has no good explanation of how our atmosphere parallel to a very large vacuum is maintained.

Dave Murphy further explains this argument beginning at 6:18:

Watch these videos to see the amazing power a vacuum has and realize that these vacuums pale in comparison to the alleged vacuum of space.

Presentation by Odiupicku pointing out the absurd claims that gravity holds the air parallel to the vacuum of space:

The following video discusses the above argument and makes some other excellent points.

DITRH presents proof that a vacuum is much more powerful versus gravity.

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