The Cover-Up

Exhibit 6 – The Cover-Up

From fake photographs of Earth and space, to CGI 24-hours of daylight videos in Antarctica, to FAKING the curvature even when there clearly isn’t one, NASA and other official groups are deliberately DECEIVING the people about the globe model.

For example, in the video below from jeranism, all of the articles suggested that these physics students took images of the earth’s curvature but it’s 100% obvious that they didn’t – it was a damn GoPro wide angle lens.  Were these students not smart enough to know that there was a problem when the same “curvature” was visible at 500 feet?  Were the news organizations not keen enough to watch the whole footage and determine whether the claim was accurate?

Here are two of the news links:

I would say that it’s possible that everyone involved made a mistake here but this doesn’t just happen once in a while – it happens 100% of the time.  It’s a pattern, a modus operandi, that’s patently obvious to anyone who dares to look.  The news organizations always show the curvature where there isn’t one.  Yes, there must be a top-down directive to show the non-existent curvature; otherwise, why does anyone care to fake this s***.

For further proof, the video below shows that this deception is intentional as they took video from a weather balloon showing a flat horizon and artificially (with software) bent the photographs to make the Earth appear spherical.

The Felix Baumgartner jump is another example (videos earlier in Exhibit #1).  The one picture of Felix taken from inside the capsule as the door is opened shows a flat horizon but the actual jump photos and video were made with wide-angle lenses which are evident from the distortion of the curvature as the horizon line alternates between concave and convex.

Further in the videos below, you will see unmistakable and intentional DECEPTION associated with the 24-hours of daylight in Antarctica.

If there were no 24-hours of daylight days in Antarctica like in the Arctic, then without question the globe model would be false.  However, the repeated fakery is evident and constitutes a damning proof that the globe model is a lie.  Why else would they fake these 24-hours of daylight other than to hide the truth about the “official” model?

Here’s an obvious fakery of the curvature by MythBusters.

In the next video from DITRH, he shows how they deliberately FAKED a major video of the alleged 24-hours of daylight in Antarctica.  This is 100% proof of fraud – why would that be necessary if the model was true?

Here’s a video I made with the high definition original:

A video from Jeranism showing more fakery of the 24-hour midnight Sun in Antarctica – the fakery is systematic, deliberate, and widespread:

A video from Jeranism showing how they fake ISS space walks by using indoor swimming pools.

Here’s a YouTuber’s attempt to use the above video as “proof” against the flat Earth theory.

Another video proving fakery associated with the purported 24-hour days in Antarctica (for the first video, begin watching at 1:48).

Here’s another example of using a fish-eye GoPro camera to produce a deceptive spherical Earth.  The distortions are clear but the curved picture of the Earth was still advertised on mainstream websites everywhere.

Rob Skiba again shows that there is no curvature at even 130,000 feet but also points out how often fish-eye lenses are used to fake the curvature.

Just a collection of fakery associated with NASA.

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