Satellites are Fake; the Thermosphere is Too Hot to Support Satellites; the Hubble Telescope is Fake

Exhibit 28 – Satellites are Fake; the Thermosphere is Too Hot to Support Satellites, ISS, and Hubble

With all of those videos of the Earth from the ISS, have you ever seen the thousands of claimed satellites flying by?  I have never seen one.  The thermosphere reaches temperatures supposedly up to 2,000 degrees Celsius, how is it possible that satellites even exist?  I know, NASA says the satellites are covered in a gold aluminum foil and so they’re perfectly fine.  However, until one of those guys at NASA sits inside NASA’s large vacuum chamber directly under a blast furnace with only a gold-colored tinfoil blanket as protection to prove that heat of the blast furnace won’t transfer to the person, I won’t believe it.

I think you’ll find this interesting that there is a large NASA program that launches “satellites” into the air by weather balloon.

Here’s a video of a “satellite” that crashed; are flat earthers the only ones who find it strange that the “satellite” was attached to a balloon?

Many of you are probably fans of the Hubble Telescope “images.”  Turns out that what real images we do get from Hubble are actually from a telescope on a specially outfitted 747 airplane called SOFIA.

This video was linked to earlier under the ISS exhibit but is relevant to the discussion of satellites.  According to Brian Mullin, an engineer, satellites are not possible in the thermosphere.

GeoShifter points out many problems associated with the official story of satellites, including the fact that thousands of satellites are high enough to take pictures of the entire Earth and yet none of them do (skip ahead to 1:50), but GeoShifter adds that some satellites could be real over the flat Earth taking advantage of high jet streams.

What about GPS?  Aaron Dover shows that GPS is and always has been land-based and explains why skyscrapers were built in part.

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