No Visible or Detectable Curvature

Exhibit 1 – No Visible Curvature

The fact that the curvature of the Earth has not been witnessed by anyone but NASA and other space agencies is one of the strongest pieces of evidence in support of the flat Earth and it has not been debunked by anyone.  As I have done, you can test this evidence yourself with an ultra-zoom digital camera which makes this evidence very dangerous to the official story.

Camera Height = 2.54 feet
Distance Between Points = 7.56 miles
Missing Curvature = 21 feet

What astounds nearly everyone is how much drop in curvature there is based on the “official” dimensions of the alleged globe Earth and how this curvature should be EASILY detectable not only by instruments but also by just everyday life.  Based on the “official” dimension of the globe, at just 10 miles of distance, you should have a 67-foot drop in curvature, i.e., 67 feet should be hidden from view (taking into consideration the average eye height of a male at 5 feet 7 inches the observable drop from eye height is 33 feet).  At 100 miles away, there should be an amazing 6,668-foot drop in curvature, i.e., 1.26 miles should be hidden from view.  These calculations are 100% correct and have been affirmed through computer drafting software.

Did you witness a curvature drop of 731 miles tall when you took that flight or drove from Los Angeles to New York (distance of 2,445 miles)?  Did you witness a sloping drop of 6,668 feet when you recently drove just 100 miles or did the world seem flat to you (excluding mountains, hills, valleys, etc.)?

Telescopic and laser measurements reach the same conclusion – there’s absolutely no detectable spherical Earth curvature.

Furthermore, no one ever taught you the Earth’s curvature math at school or college, why?  Every engineer, surveyor, mathematician, artillerymen, and astronomer should have a thorough understanding of the curvature and cite exactly how much curvature there is per mile and be able to demonstrate it through simple experimentation and measurement, but no one does, why?

If you’re new to the flat Earth and are still skeptical (and you should be), you may argue that you have seen boats disappear over the curvature or that you saw the curvature from an airplane.  However, these common knee-jerk responses you heard in school are provably wrong.  First, you can bring the boats, hull and all, back into view with a powerful telescope if the water is calm, no mirage, and there is little atmospheric distortion.  The boats are usually disappearing behind the atmosphere and waves, not a curvature, and the video proof is compelling.

For example, here’s a cargo ship, only visible by a telescope, that should have disappeared behind the curvature long ago but instead became obscured behind the atmosphere:  Here’s a video from wide awake that again shows a boat disappear behind the atmosphere – not a curvature:  Perspective also plays a vital role in understanding how ships disappear at a distance:  The fact that boats disappear behind the atmosphere and waves (not the curvature) also explains why objects cannot be viewed across extreme distances on a flat Earth with a powerful telescope (  In short, MANY objects that should be hidden sometimes behind thousands of feet of curvature are clearly visible with an ultra-zoom camera and the official excuses of refraction and looming are insufficient explanations.  Here’s a great compilation by Cofo72 of many boats that should be below the curvature but aren’t:

Second, in addition to there being no measurable curvature at the ground, there is no curvature at an altitude of at least 121,000 feet as proven via video of weather balloons and others.  For example, see (121,000 feet),, or even 470,000 feet (

Thus, you did not see a curvature in an airplane at 30,000 feet and very likely witnessed an optical illusion caused by a curved window.  Besides NASA and other space agencies, what about all of those photos and videos showing a curvature of the Earth from parachutists, airplanes, weather balloons, etc.?  All of those photos and videos of the supposed Earth’s curvature were filmed with fish-eye or wide-angle lenses, like the GoPro, which created a false curvature effect.  This isn’t a theory because you can easily witness the distortion as the alleged curvature alters between convex and concave during the Felix Baumgartner jump or any other GoPro footage.

Interestingly, in the 1930’s, Russians went up in a balloon and reached 62,304 feet – this is what Popular Science said:

Soaring in their airtight balloon gondola to the record-breaking height of 11.8 miles above the earth, the other day, three Russian aeronauts brought back the first scientific observations ever made at so great an altitude.  Above their heads the sky provided a striking spectacle; its color had turned to a soft, deep violet, almost devoid of the light-reflecting haze found at lower levels.  Looking down, they tried in vain to detect any curvature of the earth’s horizon.  Following their successful voyage to the stratosphere, in the gondola illustrated above, still higher ascents are planned.”

11.8 miles = 62,304 feet

How do you calculate the curvature of the Earth?  The distance below the curvature (how much of the object should be hidden behind the Earth) is calculated by squaring the distance to the object in miles and multiplying the answer by 8 inches: “To find the curvature in any number of miles not given in the table, simply square the number, multiply that by 8, and divide by 12.”  Remember, this is trigonometric math based on the “official” globe model dimensions.  This is easy math that every child should know.  We all learned that E=mc2 (which is never used) but we never learned how quickly objects dip below the curvature – simple math that can be demonstrated and proven across schools everywhere.

As shown below, after the first few miles, the curvature becomes so great that there should be no difficulty in detecting it.  This can be tested on land as well as you can see mountains in the far distance that should be substantially below the curvature but never are (as seen in this video This curvature chart is proven accurate but it is IGNORED by everyone.  At just 10 miles away, easily visible with binoculars, you should see a visible 66-foot drop in the horizon, but you don’t see it.

Curvature Table

Miles Away Math Drop
1 1 x 1 x 8 8 Inches
2 2 x 2 x 8 32 Inches
3 3 x 3 x 8 / 12 6 Feet
4 4 x 4 x 8 / 12 10 Feet
5 5 x 5 x 8 / 12 16 Feet
6 6 x 6 x 8 / 12 24 Feet
7 7 x 7 x 8 / 12 32 Feet
8 8 x 8 x 8 / 12 42 Feet
9 9 x 9 x 8 / 12 54 Feet
10 10 x 10 x 8 / 12 66 Feet
20 20 x 20 x 8 / 12 266 Feet
40 40 x 40 x 8 / 12 1,066 Feet
60 60 x 60 x 8 / 12 2,400 Feet
80 80 x 80 x 8 / 12 4,266 Feet
100 100 x 100 x 8 / 12 6,666 Feet
120 120 x 120 x 8 / 12 9,600 Feet

Islands have been filmed at over 120 miles away.  Even with a 14% adjustment for refraction, this is simply impossible.

These may be my most important videos I’ve made that discusses a big error made by all curvature calculators – the problem – perspective was ignored.

Three curvature calculators:

The version created by Dr. Zack also via AutoCAD:

Dr. Zack and his group have also done tremendous work proving there’s no curvature with a laser.

In the following video, Oahu is visible from Kauai – approximately 100 miles away.  Based on the spherical model, 4,559 feet of Oahu should be hidden below the curvature.  The highest point on Oahu is 4,003 feet but the whole island is clearly visible in the photograph.

Here’s series of independent photographs impossible on the globe.

In fact, there are websites dedicated to long distance photography.  For example, the following website (not related to flat earth) claims that the below photograph is of the peak Barre des Écrins at a distance of 275 miles (443 km) – that’s a whopping curvature drop of 50,371 feet or 9.54 miles (taking the observation height of 9,252 feet into consideration, 16,473 feet should be hidden; the Barre des Écrins (4,102 m) in the photograph only has an above sea-level elevation of 13,458 feet but a base-to-summit elevation of approximately 7,458 feet – in other words, absolutely NONE of the mountain should be visible but much if not most of the mountain is) –

Here’s amazing footage of different islands off the coast of Wellington Harbor in New Zealand.  Many of the islands should be ENTIRELY below the curvature but aren’t.

From islands, buildings, mountains, to lighthouses, there are many examples of objects that should be below the curvature from the observer’s point of view but are clearly visible.

A great video from bmisb69 who methodically shows two more islands off the coast of California that should be well below the curvature.

Here’s another video I shot that proves that there’s no curvature at a distance of 6.23 miles over a bay in Utah.

Please watch the following video from Jon McIntyre who describes how mountain peeks can be used to prove there’s no curvature.

  • (this is my video using mountain peaks to show that there’s no curvature – mountain peaks 100 miles away would have a dip of curvature in the amount of 6,667 feet and wouldn’t be visible behind the closer but smaller mountains)

A video by EmpyTheaPrincess of a large cargo ship and how the mirage distorts the image:

The no curvature argument can be explored anywhere on a clear day.  Here’s footage of mountains in Salt Lake City that are 100 miles away that should not be visible:

A terrific no curvature test of a lighthouse at 10.4 miles using a drone and a high zoom camera – from Matrix Decode:

The U.S. NAVY’s new railgun also constitutes a good proof the flat earth.

If you put the railgun at 200 feet, the railgun wouldn’t be able to hit anything beyond 40 miles (which would put the curvature block at 343 feet).  However, the railgun is supposed to be able to hit a target at 220 miles away.  That target would be obscured by 27,377 feet of curvature.  So, between 40-220 miles, the rail gun will have to be able to arc the projectile.  How well do you think you could arc a projectile traveling at 4,500 mph.  I’m guessing any arc would throw that projectile into “space.”

Very often globe theorists counter the curvature argument with videos and photographs showing the bottoms of buildings and ships disappear behind an alleged curvature.  These theorists ignore the fact that angular resolution causes the zoomed-in waves at the convergence point to often obscure the bottoms of boats and buildings.  To prove this angular resolution effect, this gentleman showed the effect on distances where there should be little curvature.

For more information regarding angular resolution, please watch these two videos from Curious Life of a Flat Earther:

My video on the subject of angular resolution and the mirage effect:

Beginning at 10:16, Jeranism provides a few examples of how boats do not disappear behind the curvature.

In the next video, a weatherman accounts for a photograph of the Chicago Skyline from Michigan as a “Mirage.”  Ridiculous!

Footage from Felix Baumgartner GoPro:  Red Bull Stratos jump (watch for the flat horizon images in comparison to the fish eye lenses).

Another video from Jeranism showing video evidence of Toronto without a curvature (begin at 37:40):

In the following two documents, NASA and the FAA use a flat stationary earth for modeling aircraft flights.

Page 30 (NASA):  “3. CONCLUDING REMARKS.  This report derives and defines a set of linearized system matrices for a rigid aircraft of constant mass, flying in a stationary atmosphere over a flat, nonrotating earth.”

  • “The Engineering Analysis and Design of the Aircraft Dynamics Model For theFAA Target Generation Facility” –
    Page 32 (FAA):  “The observant reader will notice that the aircraft equations of motion were calculated assuming a flat Earth and that we here assume the development frame was the North-East-Down frame.  This implies necessarily that earth rotation and the variation of the gravity vector with position over the earth were ignored in developing the aircraft

    equations of motion.  This simplification limits our mathematical model to the flight of aircraft only.  The model will not properly handle the flight of sub-orbital craft and
    spacecraft such as intercontinental ballistic missiles, satellites, or the space shuttleThe model is adequate for all vehicles traveling under Mach 3.”

Rob Skiba shows that there is no curvature at even 130,000 feet.

Many examples of objects that are visible but should be far below the purported curvature.

Start at 8:36 to see other examples of objects that should be below the curvature.

The following video was created to DEBUNK the flat Earth; instead, Reds Rhetoric again proved that ships disappear behind the atmosphere, not a curvature (watch at 2:40 to see the sail disappearing behind the atmosphere).  Waves and swells can make hulls disappear on boats as closer waves that are zoomed-in can obscure the now tiny boat further away.  Globalists use this to their advantage in various videos but you must move beyond the globalist videos and watch all of the videos here to make your own determination.

At 12 miles out, the ship in the next video should have disappeared behind the horizon but it is still visible.  Waves do begin obscuring the bottom portion of the boat as it get further away (the waves closer to the photographer become bigger in relation to the size of the boat) but the entire boat should have disappeared.

A video of mine showing how to test the lack of curvature using a water level on tops of mountains:

Here’s a video from the Air Force that shows a flat horizon at supposedly 317,000 feet.  I don’t believe it went that high but the claim and the footage is extraordinary.

Here’s a video of a letter written from a truck driver that describes his experience and belief that he has never seen a curvature of 750+ miles between Los Angeles and New York.

This is a major proof by an air traffic controller.  Air traffic controllers can monitor airplanes from the one airport’s radar as far away as 350 miles away until the planes have even landed.

Even undersea cables prove the flat earth as there don’t seem to be any southern hemisphere continent-to-continent undersea cables – a video from JungleSurfer:


Perspective plays an interesting role in the investigation of the alleged flat Earth.  Watch these videos (most importantly watch the very short 3rd video down from Cofo72 “FLAT EARTH PIECES – 16 SECONDS” – you can see for yourself that the horizon line comes closer as the camera zooms outward, i.e., the horizon line depends on magnification of the zoom):

Very often, ball believers say that geodetic surveying proves the Earth is spherical – well, they’re not telling you the truth as even geodetic surveyors treat the world as a plane (plane surveying) and don’t account for curvature until after 60,000 feet which is not believable.  Here’s my video on the topic:

Under the globe model, radio towers, which operate under direct lines of sight, would have to impossibly transmit through hundreds of feet of Earth (watch at 9:56).

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