No Photos of Earth from Space

Exhibit 2 – No Photographs of Earth from Space



One of the primary but programmed rebuttals to the flat Earth is the claim that there are hundreds of photographs of Earth from space.  However, the allegation is provably wrong – there are no legitimate photographs of the Earth from space.  This was very surprising to me, and I scoffed initially, but the evidence is clear.

Did you know that NASA admits that all of its photographs from 1972 to 2012 were faked to meet “people’s expectations”?

All of us have seen dozens of photographs of the Earth from space, right?  Unfortunately, each of those “official” photographs is provably false.  Look at the two photographs of the Earth above and look at the size of North America.  The so-called photographs are mutually exclusive as they cannot both be real; however, NASA claims that they are both genuine.  Even if the photographs were taken at different heights and we’re looking at an optical effect, the proportions simply do not hold up and are different.

Do a quick Google search for “photographs of the Earth from space” with a critical eye and see the deception for yourself.  All of the alleged photographs of the Earth were made by CGI, paintings, and composite aircraft photographs – nothing more.  In other words, you were deliberately deceived.  Why the deception?

NASA has even admitted that nearly all of its photographs of the Earth were fake and based on “people’s expectations.”  Again, this was shocking to me – I thought there were hundreds of legitimate photographs of the Earth, but there aren’t and the ones that are “official” have unmistakable errors (e.g., repeating cloud patterns, changing land mass sizes, clouds that span the entire diameter of the Earth, the word “SEX” spelled out by the clouds, etc.).

Earth with Sex

The most famous photograph of the Earth (“The Blue Marble”) was allegedly taken in 1972 by Apollo 17 during the obviously faked moon landings and so that photograph must also be fake.

In addition, many alleged time-lapse videos of the Earth’s rotation have failed to show morphing clouds as the Earth rotated, an unequivocal impossibility.  However, CGI is getting better and morphing clouds have been recently included by an alleged Japanese satellite but the video still seems to have distinct errors and may be nothing more than weather radar superimposed on a spherical picture of the Earth.  Also, if NASA and other space agencies lied continually for the past 50 years, why should we now believe them?

In the following video and article, NASA’s Robert Simmon (aka Mr. Blue Marble) admitted in 2012 that NASA’s photographs of the whole Earth from space (from 1972 to 2012) were fake and based on “people’s expectations”:

NASA Simmons

“The last time anyone took a photograph from above low Earth orbit that showed an entire hemisphere (one side of a globe) was in 1972 during Apollo 17 …. Then we wrapped the flat map around a ball.  My part was integrating the surface, clouds, and oceans to match people’s expectations of how Earth looks from space.  That ball became the famous Blue Marble.”

– NASA’s Robert Simmon,

This isn’t a conspiracy theory – NASA admitted on its own website that it FAKED its photographs of the Earth to match your mistaken beliefs.  That is how propaganda works, NOT science.  A reasonable person should ask, “Why does NASA and other ‘official’ space agencies have to fake anything when there are supposedly thousands of satellites in space that are far enough away to take a picture of the entire Earth?”

If you really want to know what utter nonsense NASA tries to pass as real footage, watch the recent alleged video of the moon crossing the Earth.  According to NASA:

“This animation features actual satellite images of the far side of the moon, illuminated by the sun, as it crosses between the DSCOVR spacecraft’s Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera (EPIC) and telescope, and the Earth – one million miles away.”

Try not to laugh because this “real” satellite footage is painfully fake as the CGI Moon fails to rotate, cast a shadow, is the wrong brightness allegedly being directly in the sunlight, the earth fails to rotate rapidly, etc.

On Apollo 11, the crew, which was supposed to be approaching the Moon, plainly attempted to fake a picture of the Earth (with a cloud that spans the entire diameter of the Earth) by using the circular window of their high-flying craft just above the Earth to frame a circular Earth.  If Apollo 11 faked this and man did not go to the Moon (as proven by many points of evidence-, why would you believe the Apollo 17 “The Blue Marble” photograph is real?

One hyper-realist artist, Mathew Boylan (aka Math Powerland), has come forward and said that he was a freelance hyper-realist artist for NASA and painted “photos” of distant planets, etc. that were used by NASA as “real” photographs and that the cartoon blue of the oceans of the Earth is an impossibility.  His sole testimony would not be of substantial value (I also have my doubts) except for the fact that Boylan’s claim only confirms NASA’s admission above that the photographs were faked.  Here’s Mathew Boylan’s interview as an alleged NASA insider followed by a subsequent comedy routine.

Rob Skiba takes a look at some of NASA’s fake photographs.

NASA’s recent “real” photo of the Earth includes the word “SEX” in the clouds (watch at 0:50).

More fake photos of the Earth (watch at 11:45).



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