Artillerymen, Naval Gunners, Air Traffic Controllers, Railroad and Industrial Engineers, Surveyors, et al, Do Not Account for Curvature

Exhibit 5 – Artillerymen, Naval Gunners, Air Traffic Controllers, Railroad and Industrial Engineers, Surveyors, et al. Do Not Account for Curvature

We just discussed the fact that airplane pilots and submarine captains never witness or account for the curvature in any manner but it doesn’t end there.  Naval gunners, snipers, and artillerymen do not account for curvature.  Missiles make no adjustment for curvature.  Targeting lasers “light up” targets that should be thousands of feet below the curvature as calculated under the spherical model.  What about surveyors, railroad, and other industrial engineers?  Again, no curvature is ever taken into consideration (except in textbooks) as actual plans do not account for curvature over even hundreds of miles.  For example, in order for the Australian train racks to span across the entire continent, the curvature between the two edges would be approximately 750 miles high – and yet the railroad engineers don’t account for a curvature of 750 miles.  Also, large canals like the Suez and Panama Canals were constructed with no adjustments for curvature.  These facts are simply impossible on a spherical Earth.

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What about geodetic surveyors?

Some have claimed that surveyors account for curvature – well, they don’t.

This is an excerpt from Wikipedia regarding plane vs. geodetic surveying (article titled “Surveying”):

Plane and geodetic surveying

Based on the considerations and true shape of the earth, surveying is broadly classified into two types.

Plane surveying assumes the earth is flat. Curvature and spheroidal shape of the earth is neglected. In this type of surveying all triangles formed by joining survey lines are considered as plane triangles. It is employed for small survey works where errors due to the earth’s shape are too small to matter.

In geodetic surveying curvature of the earth is taken into account while calculating reduced levels, angles, bearings and distances. This type of surveying is only employed for large survey works. Generally the survey works below 260 kilometers radius are treated as plane and beyond that is treated as geodetic. Thus in this type of surveying necessary corrections are applied to reduced levels, bearings and other observations.”

Firefox_Screenshot_2016-06-03T05-28-02.195Z (emphasis added).

260 kilometers = 161.56 miles

Curvature drop for 161.56 miles = 17,399 feet (


Furthermore, the article says 260 kilometers “radius.”  Does that mean that we should double the amount?  520 kilometers = 69,458 feet drop in curvature.  Either way, it is clear that surveyors (including geodetic surveyors) do NOT account for curvature and any reasonable person must conclude that such calculations would be necessary in practice.

In further support, curvature or geodetic surveying is not used for cities.  According to Wikipedia:  “A survey of a city would likely be computed as though the Earth were a plane surface the size of the city.  For such small areas, exact positions can be determined relative to each other without considering the size and shape of the entire Earth.”  If an entire city is surveyed as though “the Earth were a plane surface,” then geodetic curvature surveying is not used in actual construction projects and is therefore meaningless except in manuals.  An examination of the National Geodetic Survey (NGS) governmental organization’s website similarly shows that curvature is not realistically considered.

Funny thing, guess what shape the National Geodetic Survey’s says the Earth is – a deformed raisin.  Where are the photographs of this irregularly formed Earth?  Why hasn’t the ISS ever shown anything like this?  Where can I go to measure the extreme slopes?  No one seems to know.


Naval Missile Instructor – No Curvature.

U.S. Army Artillery Radar Operator – No Curvature.

Industrial Valve Expert – No Curvature.

Career Land Surveyors (Two Different) – No Curvature.

Aviation and Military Expert – No Curvature.


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