Airline and Submarine Pilots Do Not Account for Curvature

Exhibit 4 – Airline and Submarine Pilots Do Not Account for Curvature

If the Earth was a sphere, airplane pilots would have to constantly correct their altitudes by dipping their nose downward to account for the curvature of the Earth.  At a normal cruising speed of 500 mph, a commercial airplane pilot would have to repeatedly dip the nose of the plane downwards and descend 2,777 feet every minute (approximately 50 feet per second) or the plane would quickly fly into space.  Airplane pilots never perform this action.

Gravity doesn’t solve this problem because gravity could supposedly pull the entire plane down but could not pull the nose downward more than the rest of the plane.  So, even if gravity could somehow keep the plane at the same altitude around a spinning ball, the nose of the plane would eventually be pointing towards space.  The lack of curvature can be tested yourself – get on a small airplane and level it out in the air and pay no attention to the horizon as you just maintain that exact same angle of flight.  After about 45 minutes, if the spherical model is correct you should have to make a correction of nearly 6,000 feet to return to the same altitude; instead you will remain perfectly level with the ground.

Submarine captains say the same thing – they make the submarine level and maintain that angle for hundreds if not thousands of miles and never accidentally launch out of the ocean due to a failure to consider curvature.


As shown in the video below, at a distance of 200 miles (only 30 minutes of flight) a jet would be 5.1 miles higher than when it started if the jet flew level.  Could you imagine how difficult it would be to keep nudging the nose downward when you’re just a few dozen feet over the surface.  How does gravity account for this when the aircraft are at widely varying heights and speeds?

This next video is popular on YouTube and details an airline pilot’s experience with seeing objects that should be well beyond the curvature and other facts supporting a flat Earth (start at 4:29 to skip the boring introduction).

Here, a flight instructor confirmed that he flies over a flat Earth (the interview starts at 11:40; at 31:00 the pilot says that even flying distances of up to 300 miles that nothing changes with respect to an alleged curvature).

An experienced retired NAVY submarine Chief confirmed that no curvature is taken into account as he helps pilot submarines over hundreds of miles at flat levels below the ocean (at 10:45, the submarine Chief confirmed the same via an introductory letter; the interview starts roughly at 11:15).

Blue Angel Over Water

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