Electric Universe

The paradigm one accepts as the underlying principle of reality will steer and filter everything we observe. If we accept standard cosmology and theoretical physics (the Big Bang, gravity, quantum mechanics), we reach conclusions that confirm our preconceived ideas. Likewise, if we accept that the universe is essentially electromagnetic in nature, we reach conclusions that fit that expectation. But the EU model predicts discoveries and observations better than Big Bang, and with much simpler and scalable explanations.

The prominent EU site is the Thunderbolts Project, and there is a short synopsis about EU theory at Holoscience. The statements made there are radically different from the standard model, and have enormous impact on how we interpret data about our universe. One possible application of these principles can be found here:

There are also video channels dedicated to Electric Universe theory, such as:

Electric Earth

Theoria Apophasis (Ken Wheeler)

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