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13 comments on “Discussion

  1. BoatRocker says:

    Hi! Let’s have some good discussion or questions concerning all your “taboo” conspiracies.

    • TC says:

      Awesome! Thanks for your help! I owe you one.

    • Bobby Reed says:

      I don’t know if I am posting my question in the right place. Sorry if this is wrong. I am not a racist. I am simply looking for the truth. Is the platform of black Hebrew Israelites vs Sephardic Jews a divide and conquer campaign put on by the Khazarian Jews? There are arguments for both sides. Unfortunately, what stands out to me most is that the B.H.I.M. says the Bible is only for them. Some say contrary to the book of John that GOD & JESUS are not one. Some of them say black Jesus will return in “spacecraft” for them. They demand JESUS CHRIST was black and that’s it too get over it. The Sephardic Jews say JESUS CHRIST was Arab looking like today’s Palestinian. Again, I am not going racial here. I am looking for the truth. If you reply, please do so respectively.

      • BoatRocker says:

        I am out of town and won’t be able to respond for a few days, but I will when I am able.

      • BoatRocker says:

        I’m sure there are many ways to divide people, but no one can say whether or not the Khazars are to blame for this one. What I do know is that the Old Testament is for Jews and the whole Bible is for Christians, that there is only one God, and that Jesus is not returning in any spacecraft but by his own power. Genetics have zero to do with salvation; what matters is accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior to be reconciled to God.

        • Stephen Aaron, of the house: Cavin says:

          The Ashkanazi don’t follow the old testament.

          They follow:
          “the Torah”
          “The Talmud”

          The only way to rid yourself of the brainwashing is to forget all of the propaganda you been taught sense birth. Rebuild all of your personal views of the world on an unbiased view of empirical facts and data.

          Have you ever heard of the word “ISOCRACY”. If the liberal-Left are such proponents of equality why then are no one spreading the ideals of “isocracy”?

  2. GRAVEDIGGER says:

    Greetings boatrocker I believe that most people conciously or sub conciously understand that we live in a world of illusion.I have followed numerous conspiracies and mounds of the evidence pertaining to such ,but what i am most curious about now is who or what is all behind this.”The more I understand the more I love for everything understood is good”Pauwells et Bergier..”A gracefull life a gracefull death.”

    • BoatRocker says:

      Hi there. Of course, as a Christian, I believe that the ultimate power behind the world’s deception is Satan. People certainly deceive as well, but in my opinion there has to be a supernatural element for such a huge, long-lasting deception.

  3. Southside Sue says:

    Re: Space X Rocket blast off, place close attn to the shoreline wave action and attributes. When you reverse the clip for rocket to land, waves move naturally. When rocket taking off, appears their clip shows an unnatural reversal of waves. Wave foam doesn’t go backwards into ocean, only forward, then disapates into the sand. Then new foam is created as new wave springs up. What a farse! They are stealing from future generations right now and allowed to go unchecked. WHY?

  4. Stephen Aaron, of the house: Cavin says:

    How about this gem.

    Im curious about the Etymology of words because I’m convinced there is hidden knowledge to be learn from the history behind the words we use.

    Connecting the dots:
    There is a subtle connection between these words when looking at their Etymon. “Ashkanazi”, (as in Ashkanazim Jews), “Nazi”, “Ignatius” (as in Ignatius Loyola), and “Jesuits”. . .

    The word “Allah”
    “Al-” (son of) & “-jah” (god)
    … Allah … (Son of God)

    Its my understanding that Allah, being the son of God, and Jesus being the son of God, are infact the ultimate psychological weapons of war. These are the same manufactured icons of two major religions. Both religions were created specifically by ancient Jews of the past as weapons that serve only one purpose, to divide the Gentile Nations makeing them destroy one another. (Have you wondered why all the Ashkanazi Jews on the news programs continue to vilify President Trump even after Trump has officially declared America’s support of Jerusalem being the capital of ISREAL. . . It’s because the Jew only have one true desire, to spread division, no matter what.)

    This is not a hate speech. And I am not a racist. I am however very capable of looking unbiased at the evidence. (I also understand that there is only one race, it’s called the human race, and we should all strive to respect and love our brothers and sisters.)

    With all the advancements in the accumulation of knowledge this world has to offer, you will never convince me that the smart and powerful people controlling this world are unaware of the FACT that there is only one race of humanity. So ask yourself, why are we constantly being divided between “racial demographics”? Why indeed? Its because we are at war and so long as we are distracted into Self Hate and Self Destruction, we will remain blindly ignorant of the true enemy. A group of people that have decided that their nation are chosen by “god” and all other nations must be exterminated…


    If you read this post. It will do you well to learn the Etymon of these words too.

    Fück “Democracy” and to hëll with the “Republic”.
    If anyone truly believes in equality, then you will help spread the idea of “ISOCRACY”.
    (Even if you disagree with my other unpopular views of the reality we live)

    • Rothbard says:

      I certainly don’t believe Jesus was a psychological weapon of war. In fact, His doctrines only promote ultimate peace and anarchy (not chaos but without the control of the State). I don’t mean the Jesus who was created out of fake and controlled religions but the Jesus as demonstrated by the Sermon on the Mount. I most certainly support the concept of “HAVING EQUAL RIGHTS BY ALL PEOPLE.” But your opinions are welcome.

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