Dinosaurs Hoax and Young Earth

The Dinosaurs Hoax

Among other things, there are several key tenets of faith all young children are taught in public school:

  • The Earth is a sphere
  • U.S. flag and government worshipping, including voting and democracy, war, public servants (police officers, politicians, public school teachers, firemen, scientists, et al.)
  • Dinosaurs existed


If you’re a truth seeker, you should seriously question each of these beliefs with a very skeptical eye (because they were shoved down our throats as children like programming); also, realizing that the biggest conspiracies will often be the hardest ones to swallow – since these claims have been engrained in us since we were nearly fresh out of the womb.

But our beloved dinosaurs?  Could they really be a big fraud?  I hope not but I’m more interested in the truth than lies.

I’m not taking a position here other than a skeptical view but there are legitimate reasons to question dinosaurs.

First, dinosaurs really didn’t start being discovered until very recently.  That’s strange by itself.  How many homes and buildings were built prior to the 1800’s and yet no serious dinosaur discoveries?  Even large civilizations like the Romans never discovered any dinosaur bones during their large excavation projects.

Why are there no discoveries by native Americans in all the years previous when they roamed the American continents? There is no belief of dinosaurs in the Native American religion or tradition. For that matter, why were there no discoveries prior to the nineteenth century in any part of the world? According to the World Book Encyclopedia, ‘before the 1800’s no one ever knew that dinosaurs existed.’ During the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, large deposits of dinosaur remains were discovered …Why has man suddenly made all these discoveries?” -David Wozney, “Dinosaurs: Science or Science Fiction”

Second, museums don’t seem to actually have any real dinosaur bones – you’re only looking at plaster replicas.  That’s pretty strange and fraudulent in my opinion.  You thought you were paying money to see real bones – nope, just replicas.  Third, you rarely see a whole dinosaur skeleton – just small fragments pieced together to form outlandish creatures.  http://time.com/3892728/dinosaur-bone-washington/

Fourth, more and more hoaxes are admittedly being uncovered by our esteemed paleontologists.  https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/how-fake-fossils-pervert-paleontology-excerpt/

It seems that paleontologists and universities are often big liars.   https://cosmosmagazine.com/palaeontology/great-dinosaur-fossil-hoax

Fifth, the sites and bones just look fake.  I was stunned to learn that there’s no chemical difference between a supposed dinosaur bone and the rock next to the bone.  So, how do we know that the bone isn’t just a rock that has been shaped?  How do we know that these scientists aren’t just piecing together random strangely-shaped rocks?  Seriously, if no one was questioning or examining your findings, how easy do you think it would be to shape a rock into a bone or simply create one out of concrete?  What if your future position at the university depended on a big discovery?

Sixth, construction workers and homebuilders don’t  find skulls and bones of dinosaurs – paleontologists do.  Isn’t that also strange?  Are they that smart or are they just devious?

Discoveries and excavations seem not to be made by disinterested people, such as farmers, ranchers, hikers, outdoor recreationists, building construction industry basement excavators, pipeline trench diggers, and mining industry personnel but rather by people with vested interests, such as paleontologists, scientists, university professors, and museum organization personnel who were intentionally looking for dinosaur bones or who have studied dinosaurs previously. The finds are often made during special dinosaur-bone hunting trips and expeditions by these people to far-away regions already inhabited and explored. This seems highly implausible. More believable is the case of the discovery of the first original Dead Sea scrolls in 1947, which were unintentionally discovered by a child, and which were all published by 1955. In some cases of a discovery of dinosaur bones by a disinterested person, it was suggested to them by some ‘professional’ in the field to look or dig in a certain area. Also very interesting to note are special areas set aside and designated as dinosaur parks for which amateur dinosaur hunters are required to first obtain a dinosaur hunting license.” -David Wozney, “Dinosaurs: Science or Science Fiction”

I’m going to keep working on these arguments and hope you can add some good insights.  This isn’t about religion or the Bible – this is about the truth – whatever it may be.

Watch this video from Eric Dubay:

The following lady has a point.  If paleontologists want to keep their jobs and funding, they have to come up with “discoveries” – that’s just how it works in academia.  Provide the university a multi-million dollar skull or start working on the resume.

We know that some of the dinosaur industry is fake (e.g., the Triceratops and Brontosaur no longer “exist”).  So how much of the dinosaur industry is fake?

  • 0%
  • 25%
  • 50%
  • 75%
  • 100%

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