Bill Hicks/Alex Jones and Other Doppelgangers

Alex Jones fka Bill Hicks

Would any one of the following facts prove that Bill Hicks is Alex Jones? The answer is probably not. However, once you necessarily combine the probabilities of each of the factual assertions below, you reach the inescapable conclusion that Bill Hicks is indeed Alex Jones.  However, the implications are frightening.  The so-called leader of the “conspiracy theorists” is nothing more than controlled opposition.  Mr. Hicks could not have undergone this change without the assistance of an intelligence organization and the complicity of the media.  This conspiracy demonstrates how powerful the evil Cabal is and how its grasp is everywhere.

Fact #1

Alex Jones and Bill Hicks (same amount of letters in their names) look very similar and share the same gait, height, mannerisms (e.g., temper), interests, hair part, voice at times (, probable eye color, broad shoulders, and facial biometrics.

Fact #2

Alex Jones and Bill Hicks share almost the exact same crooked teeth and spacing. By itself, this is almost conclusive evidence. Some have disputed this allegation, but I refer any reasonable person to the following photo for comparison (noting there is an approx. 20 years difference). At the very least, the teeth very closely match.

Fact #3

Alex Jones and Bill Hicks share the same close friend and co-producer – Kevin Booth.

Fact #4

Alex Jones and Bill Hicks both produced documentaries at Waco and have a strong connection with Sacred Cow Productions. Shockingly, Kevin Booth listed both Jones and Hicks as the “Producer” of Booth’s 2013 film.  Furthermore, Alex Jones replaced Bill Hicks as the new co-owner/star of Sacred Cow Productions. Kevin said that Bill Hicks was developing a “Rush Limbaugh type character” right before he died, and then referred to Alex Jones the “new evil Rush Limbaugh character” on Kevin Booth’s website.

Fact #5

Alex Jones received a Bill Hicks portrait and plaque as an award (on the 10-year alleged death anniversary of Bill Hicks) before any connection between Alex and Bill Hicks was established.

Fact #6

Alex Jones was roughly anonymous until after the purported death of Bill Hicks. Bill Hicks supposedly died in 1994; Alex Jones began making public appearances in 1996.

Fact #7

Alex Jones and Bill Hicks both lived in and have a close connection to Austin, Texas.

Fact #8

Alex Jones and Bill Hicks were both in standup comedy.

Fact #9

Alex Jones and Bill Hicks have the same or similar Gibson guitar.

Fact #10

Alex Jones is clearly lying about his age (currently only 41 – yeah right) and eye color and he has certainly had plastic surgery. If Alex Jones is lying about his age, then that proves all of his other records were fabricated.

Fact #11

Many (e.g., Jerome Corsi, Max Keiser, Kevin Booth, Jon Ronson), including Alex Jones himself (although somewhat jokingly), have repeatedly referred to Alex Jones as Bill Hicks. Jones has never denied the allegation. Combine this fact with the fact that Kevin Booth listed both Jones and Hicks as the “Producer” of Booth’s 2013 film and it clearly appears as though Kevin Booth (their mutual good friend) believes Jones and Hicks are the same person. For example, in the following video Jones calls Kevin Booth his old friend and signs off with “I’m Bill Hicks your host, we’ll be right back.”

Alex’s friends call him “Bill,” so why shouldn’t we?

Fact #12

Both Bill Hicks and Alex Jones came from Austin Cable Access (a Time Warner affiliate).

Fact #13

Alex Jones has strong connections with the CIA, Stratfor, mainstream media (e.g., Time Warner), and Hollywood. Despite his violent statements in public and controversial “conspiracy theorist” views, Alex Jones still somehow gets major media coverage.

Fact #14

The circumstances surrounding Bill Hicks’s death are very questionable. For example, Bill Hicks supposedly died of pancreatic cancer, which is extremely rare at that age. Further, Bill Hicks did not seek visible treatment in a hospital (very strange for a 32-year old celebrity).

Fact #15

The records and photos supplied by Alex Jones have patent signs of fakery. First, Alex Jones’s purported birth records include both a misspelled middle name (“Emric” should have been “Emerick”) and the wrong county of his birth. Second, Jones’s childhood photos show him with different eye colors – Third, the yearbook photo supposedly shows a bend or crease in the page but which inexplicably managed not to cause any necessary distortion to the squares of any of the effected portrait boxes –…arbook.jpg. Fourth, Jones’s head is 150% larger than the other kids on the same alleged yearbook page. Fifth, if Alex Jones has lied about his age as shown in Fact #9, then Jones’s official records must be fabricated.

Fact #16

Kevin Booth, et al. do not exhibit the behavior that normal and reasonable persons would exhibit with respect to the claim that Alex Jones is Bill Hicks. Instead, Booth, et al. exhibit the behavior of individuals who are in on a big inside joke. Kevin Booth’s best friend and business partner, Bill Hicks, supposedly only died at the age 32 from pancreatic cancer – how funny is that? Yet, Booth (now Jones’s best friend) and others joke about it repeatedly and often repeat the claim that Jones is indeed Hicks. At one time, Booth even said that Jones was funnier than Bill Hicks. Any reasonable person in like circumstances would exhibit much more reverence and disdain on the matter. Here’s the quote from Kevin Booth:

“Even Joe Rogan has gone back and forth since I first introduced him to Alex. He keeps flipping back and forth between ‘Either this guy is a complete lunatic, or its’ almost like he is some kind of savant that is seeing into the future on some weird level.’ What’s weird is that I think Alex is one of the funniest guys I have ever known. I mean, I think that Alex is funnier than Bill. Alex makes me laugh harder than Bill ever did. He is such a genuine character.” The Maybe Quarterly, June 26, 2003.

Does this sound like the best friend of a 32-year old man that died from pancreatic cancer (very rare for a 32-year old)?

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