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Taboo Conspiracy is all about those topics even conspiracy theorists tend to avoid. Ideas should be examined rather than mocked or feared, and they should be examined on the basis of observation above theory. Many view some ideas, such as that the earth is not a spinning ball hurtling through space while orbiting a fast-moving sun, as so preposterous as to be thought giving all conspiracy theorists a bad name. But this in itself could be a way of steering people from the deepest and most earth-shattering (pardon the pun) truths of all.

This site is a serious and genuine attempt to find the truth about our world, the universe, and the well-founded suspicion that TPTB (“the powers that be”) are deceiving us all, and have been doing so for a very long time. Our only agenda is uncovering the truths that others will not even consider possible. It is never easy to go against popular opinion, especially when the topics center on science, which today has become more a religion than an academic discipline. Reliable data should be freely distributed without fear of challenging the ideological purity demanded in modern scientism.


John– YouTube channel

Research and experiments on Flat Earth, fake space, etc.

JibbyJedi– YouTube channel

Video production, research on Flat Earth, fake space and false flags, etc.

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