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As of right now, flat earth for me (Rothbard) personally represents the crème de la crème of conspiracies.  Can you imagine the implications of a flat earth?  That means everything that we were taught from childhood was based on a gargantuan lie to control us.  It’s truly fascinating!  The globe earth is the fundamental doctrine we learned as children and is constantly reinforced by NASA, governments, academia, and the media.  If flat earth is true, as the evidence seems to suggest, then all of the many other conspiracies discussed herein are rather minor in comparison in my opinion.  Thus, flat earth, the moon landings, and space fakery have become my focus over the last few years.  Accordingly, I have spent a lot of time working on the flat earth section which is much more developed than the other pages.

I would recommend you can begin your investigation here – http://tabooconspiracy.com/blog/flat-earth/

In addition, videos are constantly being censored by YouTube.  It’s difficult to keep reviewing sections and finding new links to videos that have been removed.  Regardless, I believe that any truth seeker will find this website valuable.  For starters, here’s a 1587 flat earth map by Urbano Monte:


Steve-O, Joe Rogan and MythBusters are Liars

Flat Earth Observation Destroys Globe Model

This was a joint effort between YouTuber Wide Awake and Taboo Conspiracy.

Awesome footage taken on December 17, 2017 by Wide Awake (Please subscribe – he’s one of the best) – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkxN…
Earth Curvature Calculator:  https://dizzib.github.io/earth/curve-calc/?d0=30&h0=10&unit=imperial
Coordinates conversion:  http://boulter.com/gps/
Brochure with Coordinates (page 4):  http://www.hernandocounty.us/parks_rec/BoatingWaterways/brochures/WaterWaysBRO-07.pdf
Distance to the Horizon Calculator:  http://www.ringbell.co.uk/info/hdist.htm
Height of Camera: 6.5 feet (probably less than 6 feet)
Bill Watts Tripod: 28 31.135, -82 42.471; Distance = 3.59 miles
Billy Steele South Rack: 28 30.415, -82 46.488; Distance = 7.73 miles
Bayport North Rack: 28 33.895, -82 46.851; Distance = 8.09 miles
Bayport Channel Entrance Light: 28 32.850, -82 42.570; Distance = 3.59 miles
Cutter Rock: 28 30.979, -82 49.934; Distance = 11.05 miles

We also verified the coordinates off of a detailed nautical map. However, the distances were slightly different. I find that interesting as to why the coordinates don’t match perfectly. We decided to use the online brochure coordinates so that everyone could independently verify the information. Regardless, I did plot all of the nautical maps coordinates and found the distances. Here they are:
Bill Watts Tripod (Map): 28 31.220, -82 42.490; Distance = 3.58 miles
Billy Steele South Rack (Map): 28 30.324, -82 46.795; Distance = 8.06 miles
Bayport North Rack (Map): 28 34.032, -82 46.919; Distance = 8.20 miles
Bayport Channel Entrance Light (Map): 28 32.806, -82 42.408; Distance = 3.42 miles
Cutter Rock (Map): 28 30.900, -82 50.000; Distance = 11.12 miles

Check Out This Fake Russian Rocket

A great video by our friend DITRH.  The computerized graphics of the rocket has an error.  I’ve also included another Russian rocket launch that definitely appears fake.

New 7.53-mile Test Confirms – It’s FLAT

This was my latest test of the purported earth’s curvature.  At 7.53 miles and a camera height at 2.54 inches, there should be 21 missing feet of curvature.   In fact, there’s no detectable curvature.  Notice that the water is extremely calm and the temperature was around 27 degrees Fahrenheit contradicting any claims that refraction was the cause of this footage.

ISS Wire Fail

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